Monday, October 13, 2014

Benefits Of EU Cosmetic Labeling Regulations

By Jocelyn Davidson

When one goes to the shop to buy anything, everyone wishes to buy a quality product. This is not always possible because there are many products in the market that are counterfeits of the original ones. These products may tempt one to buy them because they totally resemble the original one and therefore difficult to distinguish them. What differentiates them is the quality. Beauty products are also faked. There are people to manufacture them and they look like the original ones yet very difficult to know that they are counterfeit. This has raised an alarm and today there are a number of policies formulated to fight against products that might harm consumers. The following are some of the advantages of EU cosmetic labeling regulations.

First, they are not complex. They are very easy to read and understand. This is because the language used to write them is very simple. This enables different people to read by themselves and understand it better.

Secondly, the rules are universally applicable. Every cosmetic should be labeled as required by the law. There are no favors in implementing the rules. This has helped all the manufacturers to label their beauty products in the right manner to ensure that they reach their customers in the right condition.

Thirdly, the regulations have enabled customers to identify products on shelves easily. There is no hassle in identifying a product that is on the shelves. This is because the labeling law states that the product should be labeled clearly for customers to see. One can spot the product from far. This has also helped customers to buy products that they want without being deceived.

Fourthly, customers are capable of identifying and knowing all the ingredients contained in a cosmetic before buying it. The law states that all the ingredients in the product should be stated in the correct manner to ensure that clients know what is they are buying. It enables them to take home something they have confidence about. During application, one is sure of what is being used.

Buyers also get to know the expiry date of the product. The expiry date of the product is indicated as required by the law. It enables customers to know when the product was made and when it will expire. This guides one in buying the cosmetic that will last up to the required date.

There has been a complete decrease in the number of people in black market. The policies have made many people to see the sense of operating genuine businesses. This is because the law tries to show them why dealing in such products is not good. They therefore strive to ensure that they make money from genuine businesses.

Lastly, the policies have enabled consumers to see themselves to be important due to the protection they get. Consumers have a sense of importance because they feel that they are been taken good care of. This has enabled them to have use beauty products with a lot relaxation because they are sure that they are fully protected. They therefore have no fear of anything.

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