Tuesday, October 28, 2014

There Are Fall Wreath Ideas For Everyone

By Patty Goff

The season that precedes winter always brings special charms in the form of door decorations. There are numerous fall wreath ideas that welcome visitors at the front door. So many do it yourself methods are available in magazines and online. The materials and decorations to use all depend on what is at hand and your desire to be as creative as you wish.

Relatively simple equipment in the form of pliers, glue and staples are used to combine natural looking decorations. When you wish to blend yours in with the surrounding natural elements, you are wise using pine cones and actual leaves that were elegantly dropped from the trees. By choosing red, yellow, brown and orange leaves, you are already well on your way to that earthy, yet colorful decoration.

You will find that circular or oval shapes work the best and are easiest to create yourself. Once you have decided on what to use and how it should look you can get to work. A quick walk around the house will surprise you on how many elements there are to make use of. An example of a perfect base for the wreath is old foam pool noodles that the children no longer use. Irrelevant of the base, it is good to start off by wrapping it with a brownish rope or wheat to start with. These can be secured in place by using sewing pins or florist pins.

The next step is to secure nuts, seeds, pine cones and leaves to the shape. Glue will be needed for larger shapes and even thin wire will do the trick. If you wish to use fresh fruit and flowers then florist wiring is most suitable to keep the heavier objects in their places.

Consider that fresh fruit as main elements may not last as long. Citrus fruits will mostly maintain their shape for longer periods whereas berries and other softer fruits will decay. As the citrus fruits harden it will result in a rustic look which is most appropriate considering that dry leaves, pines and favored fall materials is used side by side.

Making use of colored corn on the cob has become a trend when it comes to sprucing up porches for autumn. Many find these easiest to assemble, whether it being along rounded shapes or simply by creating bunches. The shape of the corn also allows any florist wiring to be concealed between the corn kernels. As they dry out, they produce that country look and these can be hanged in changing weather for quite a long time without discarded odors appearing.

Although many creative concepts show the use of organic elements, there are other decorative techniques that can be used such as materials, ribbons, plastics and card boards. These mentioned fabrics will easily attach to each other by means of glue and will lead to grander color schemes. There are lovely artificial flowers available in craft shops as well as patterned ribbons to choose from.

Whether opting for organic or synthetic end results, you can balance the colors and materials beautifully to embellish the front door, porch and yard. These artsy pieces are likely to invite numerous guests throughout the autumn season. One can only hope neighbors will follow the trend.

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