Monday, December 29, 2014

How Epoxy Floor Coating Must Be Applied

By Stacey Burt

Homeowners are wanting their houses to be very attractive, from bottom to top and in all parts. They are typically buying ornaments in decorating the insides. They are also engaging landscaping services in beautifying the outsides.

Most of them also utilize paints. These paints will add beauty to their homes, especially to the walls and floors. For the latter, they typically purchase Ohio epoxy floor coating. These owners should follow these steps so that they can apply these sealers effectively on their floors.

There are different epoxies available in the market which will depend on the product manufacturers. However, these products usually contain three ingredients, the resin, the catalyst, and the pigment. They have to check on the prices and buy those they can afford. Aside from that, they should also identify how much epoxies they will need for their projects.

The individuals should determine first if there are already coatings on the surfaces. There are some types of coatings that are not suitable substrates for these products. They can do tests to determine previous coatings. One test involves the use of one part muriatic acid to four parts water. They can then drip these mixtures to various areas. Yellow stains mean that there are no coatings present.

They should also look for oil or grease stains. These stains may come from their automobiles or other sources. They should remove these stains before they will apply epoxy. They can utilize industrial degreasers for the removal of these stains. They should also look for tire residue and remove them, as well. They should sand or ground them off.

The homeowners should then need to etch the floors with masonry cleaners. Most kits from hardware stores will have these cleaners with them and the persons should follow the directions for their use. They may have to utilize brushes for this matter. These processes are important so that the pores of the concrete will open up and the paints will stick to them properly.

Using a garden hose, he should be wetting the surface and making it moist. Afterwards, he should be pouring the same water with acid mixture evenly on it. He should be scrubbing the area until he gets a foamy reaction. After completing the entire floor, he should be rinsing it well and brooming out the excess water.

The owners should let these areas dry completely. They may need to allocate around seven to ten days for this matter. This way, they can make sure that there will be no moisture in these sites. Wet surfaces will repel the paints and will result to imperfections. To test their dryness, the persons can place vinyl tiles overnight and check for dark appearances on them the next day. Dark appearances indicate the presence of moisture.

Once the floors are dry, the homeowners can apply the sealers to them. They will have to follow the directions of use that they can find on the labels of these commodities. They can also design these areas if they want to. Once they finish their projects, they should dispose the used materials properly. They should let these places sit until they are dry.

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