Sunday, December 28, 2014

Precautions To Take In Prisoner Transport Systems

By Stacey Burt

Moving inmates from one place to another is one of the most dangerous things yet it cannot be avoided since it is part of law enforcement. Prisoners can do just about anything on the way so that they never get to prison. The law enforcement agencies did not take this seriously until a thriller by Nicolas cage showed how it is very possible for the inmates to make plans and manage to escape. Prisoner transport systems are therefore a huge part of the correctional system. It must be taken very seriously because it can even lead to severe consequences like death of guards.

Incarceration rates were not that high until the crime levels became very high in the 1980s. Due to the increase in the number of inmates, it became necessary for more correctional facilities to be built. With more prisons grew the need to move prisoners from one to another. For example, a prisoner may need to be moved to another facility because of organizational transfers, a health appointment or if they have developed some kind of a mental problem.

The number of prisoners that are transported from one correctional facility to another in a day is very high. If logistics are correct, they state that around 200 prisoners are moved between around 32 correctional facilities every single day. Many prisoners take this as a good chance to finally escape hence the danger to the people taking care of the movement.

There are many methods that the inmates can utilize to escape from the guards during the movement. One of the ways is through the confronting of the guards. This may even create accidents that are also harmful to innocent citizens at the place of the criminal activity. This is the reason why it is important to specially coach the guards so that they understand how to take care of such situations.

The responsibility of movement the prisoners cannot be given to just any warden. There are some abilities that the officer must have to be suitable for this task. For instance, they must be fit both mentally and bodily and they must possess the skill of shooting inside a moving car. This will assist them to prevent escape situations.

The officers normally make a simple assumption that every prisoner has a plan to escape. This supposition helps them to stay extra careful when handling the job. They can also be capable of applying all the precautionary actions to avoid having regrets. Being sharp-eyed will also assist them to understand if there are any cars behind them.

During this very dangerous trip, communication is very essential. The officers should be able to notice if there is anything weird and call for support immediately since it will be hard to control the inmates if they outnumber the officers. An officer who takes every single detail into consideration will always be more successful in transporting prisoners than one who is not observant.

Even though the officers are allowed to make the above assumption, it is not true. Hence they should avoid treating the inmates like there are trying to escape. They are also human beings with rights hence they must never be mistreated just because they have committed a criminal offence in the past.

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