Friday, March 27, 2015

The Healing Power Of Sex Is Great

By Lelia Hall

For many years human beings have been intrigued by the connection between a man and woman. Many people feel that the healing power of sex helps everyone to live longer and stronger lives. This may also be true when there is copulation between two men or two women.

There was a young lady living in Georgia who was always on the prowl for a good looking man. She was a black woman but was highly fascinated by men who were from the Caucasian race. After graduating from college she decided to join the people working within the military field. This seemed like a good decision to make at the time since she needed money.

At first she played it very safe and acted quite professional around the males and females who worked within her unit. This woman even fooled her grandparents into thinking that she was the perfect good little soldier. A few weeks had passed before she started to flirt with these good looking males.

Her appetite was quite strong and she found herself sleeping with several men within a twenty four hour period. She even told her parents about all of the sexual experiences that she was having while serving her country. They were shocked to hear this news but knew that this would soon come to an end. Fortunately they were right since their daughter was foolish enough to invite a group of males to her room.

Her life force was quite full and the energy from these men was very pleasing. They each penetrated her in a rough manner but this was quite pleasurable to this whorish woman. One particular Captain was angry that he had been rejected by her and therefore he put an end to these escapades.

The girl now has all the time to sleep with any man that she desires. She is unemployed and has become a full time whore. There is a once shy gay man living within the state of North Carolina. He was once a timid creature who was afraid of his own shadow until his sexual liberation. His family had always assumed that he was a homosexual but they did not approach him with this certain subject.

After making a few telephone calls to a certain military installation he had decided to visit the place. Fortunately he had made the correct decision since there were thousands of soldiers around to give him pleasure. This young male had a great personality and people would immediately befriend him. It was quite easy for him to get some good action.

The sex on the back seat of his car was fast and furious but he enjoyed every moment of it. These activities went on for years before he finally decided to only seduce men who were good looking but not military affiliated. In today's society he can usually be seen around married businessmen who are looking for temporary sexual action.

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