Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Life Of Endless Adventures & Vibrations

By Evan Sanders

"The law of attraction is all about vibration. Everything is vibrational, your thoughts, your concepts, each being. You will draw to you whatever vibration matches yours, wanted or unwanted. " - Unknown

Where do I even begin?

Everything around you is moving, changing, and shifting. It doesn't seem true sometimes, but it truly is. When it comes down to it, we are roaming around in a living, breathing world. When we stop witnessing the world as something static and start seeing just how dynamic everything is, things start to change. In truth they change significantly.

As much as we may try and deny this fact, we act like magnets a lot of the time.

We tune into scenarios wavelengths, pick up on other people's energies, get drained or revived by those around us and get strange chills up our backs when something really doesn't sit with us right. Energy. Vibrations. Frequencies. These things are all real. Even more , they are very powerful.

There are a large amount of things we cannot see. Does that imply they can't exist? Absolutely not. I know history has proved time upon time that even though we cannot see it or correctly compute it, it does not necessarily imply that it can't exist. The undeniable fact that we bent metal, put wings on it, stuck folks in an all-not-so-spacious cabin and sent it into the sky...well, that is pretty darn amazing in the first place. Send that innovation back a few thousand years and you would break minds. They wouldn't be able to see it then, but we definitely see it now. When you start playing about with this idea in life though, that is when things start to get pretty fascinating. Sometimes situations or events may seem a bit beyond coincidence. Isn't it possible that it's beyond simple coincidence? Could you be avoiding a totally different vibe that produced a very different set of results than you are originally comfortable with? I will say and say the answer would be yes in most cases.

Because if there is anything I actually understand about how life works, it is that if you change your perspective, you'll change your actions and you will receive new results.

What if you view the world in a completely different way - as a place full of energy that may be channeled into instead of a place where we just exist? What if you started to channel your energies on bringing good friends and love into your life and then did the things that only corresponded with those vibrations? Could your entire world change?

I'm not making an attempt to make a sales spiel here, all I am actually doing is giving you a point of view to think on.

There are limitless chances in this life, we just need to be open to them. Once we stop projecting our own shallow-minded concepts onto the future and give ourselves the chance to just be blown away by what life itself can offer, we start entering into a way more satisfying way of traveling through life. If we are able to stop rowing to that island of "where it all turns out" and just hangout in the ship for a while, even though we are not rowing anywhere at all, we would all be a lot more happy and enormously more present to what is happening around us.

It's fascinating for me to watch folks come to the understanding that almost all of what they have always searched for was already inside them. Often times, the "self" is the last place we look to uncover who we really are because we know there's unclean work to be done. We should dive into the tough times, spend a little time healing, spend time working with our unpleasant thoughts and emotions...but in doing so we actually open ourselves up to encouraging depth and faith. It's so much easier to tack on talents and new "wisdom" learned from books than it is to do the tough work. We will be able to digest book after book giving us tips and tricks, simply putting more oars in the water on our trip to the spot where it all turns out, and yet never get there - because that island does not exist.

It's already in you. You are it.

Those vibrations you're feeling about needing to become something or someone, usually exist in you because they are you. Now I am not discounting the undeniable fact that a lot of work must be done to develop and deepen yourself. But what I am saying is that those energies that you are feeling already, they are honestly here now and may not necessarily be there in the future you are so desperately trying hard to get to. No, you have got to realize that you can actually be those things you feel within in this moment. That's why they have been calling you to start with. If you choose to take on those vibrations and start to live in the present...worlds change and mountains can move.

When you experience it for yourself, it's lovely. But when you help another find this that's just incredible.

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