Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sports Oppression In Women And Its Effects

By Toni Vang

Avid sport fan or not, we all have to agree that there is something great about different types of sports. They can be relaxing to watch and even exciting. Depending on how you view it, you can even see a sport event as a form of inculturation. Among different trends, it is one thing that has survived the test of time and continues to gain popularity all over the world.

The idea of playing what you love best can be tempting. But apart from the good things we see about this industry, there are stories which may not have been given much attention but is affecting some of the players and their performance. Sports oppression is among these things. It is directed to different groups, events and individuals and can be real nasty.

Many reports related to this issue involves women who are participating in mens sport. Aside from the differences in strength, there is this dissatisfaction issue about their performances as well. If you ask yourself now, its no surprise if you know more men players than women.

But while there are strong critics against women who join men games, we see a lot of successful ones. It is undeniable that we have a bunch of awesome gals out there who reshaped the outlook of some people when it comes to games that are originally created for the guys. Now, the popularity of females in different events are growing.

Female acceptance is growing, but for countries who are very vocal in expressing and showing their bias towards men, the impact that it can give to the women players can be tremendous. For one, it can affect the self esteem of the person. If she is still new in the industry and is still building her skills and reputation, she may fall victim to social criticism.

Its great to see girls excelling at the sport that they do best. But we have to understand that the ones we know are those who manage to get over the criticism, shut their ears off the negatives and pursue what they believe is their passion. There are more tragic stories than the inspirational ones the media shows us.

At present, we now see more if not equal appreciation given to women and men. Still, it remains a question if there will come a time when equal footing in all events will be possible. For one, the media seemed to be more interested on games that have guys on them. When it comes to major, global leagues, we also see male players dominating the stage.

There is not instant way on how one can change the opinion of another. If that person is a strong critic against women playing men games, then all the more reason why you should not add fuel to the fire. You cannot shake hands with someone who has a closed fist.

Despite the wide negativity involved in this industry, this should not stop one from pursuing his passion in sports. However, she should also be ready for all the things that may come her way as a result of her bold decision. Evaluate your readiness. If your passion is greater than your fear, then you are a go.

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