Saturday, May 9, 2015

Take Five Minutes Of Your Time To Learn Mandarin Chinese

By Peter Chambers

Think about the benefits that you can obtain if you start learning Mandarin Chinese in just five minutes.

Imagine how great it will be to understand and talk a language that is spoken by nearly 20% of the world`s population. If you learn to speak Mandarin Chinese, you will be able to exchange information with other people speaking this language, find out more details about their culture and their ways, and take part in some of their most popular hobbies.

You will need to put some efforts into your journey and dedicate some of your time in order to reach a level where you will speak comfortably with a Mandarin Chinese native speaker.

What is really surprising is the fact that it will not be that hard to learn Mandarin Chinese. Reading the characters involved in this Language can be hard, but this is not the first step of your journey.

You can easily start learning the language in just five minutes if you plan and listen properly to the 5 separate, recognizable tons included in this tonal language.

Here are some advices that can help:

Make your own schedule: The perfect situation would be to set up the same period of time each and every day, at the same hour. You can use CDs, DVDs or videos of native speakers for at least five minutes. The next step will be to increase the timeframe step by step until you feel confident with your knowledge.

Don`t neglect the tones used in this language: You need to identify all the tones involved in Mandarin Chinese, particularly in the beginning.

Keep your text book close by: Usually, newbie individuals choose to start with Mandarin Chinese books which are phonetically translated. Such items can help them see the Chinese words in Romanised script. The downside is that these types of books have small number adjacent to every word indicating tone.

Without a double to master Mandarin Chinese is a long process. You can not speak Mandarin fluently just overnight. But if you can have a good time while you are studying, I am sure it makes the learning much easier and you can also learn much faster then you eve think.

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