Thursday, May 14, 2015

Wearing Sparkling Silver Star Jewelry Items Makes Your Clothes More Dazzling

By Tammie Caldwell

Accessorizing is important whenever you want to look great. Even if you are clad in the most boring clothes you have, wearing the right personal ornament can make it look stylish and interesting in an instant. Opting for a beautiful silver star jewelry item is a wonderful idea if you are into geometric shapes as well as things that are purported to carry important meanings with them.

A lot of people are drawn to stars because they can serve as reminders of so many different things. For some, they are bringers of hopes and dreams. It's for this reason why wishes are said upon the sight of shooting stars. For other people, stars have something to do with their past, present and future because the movement of these astrological objects in the sky is believed to impact lives.

Some individuals are reminded of past summer memories upon the sight of stars, such as those spent at beaches where starfishes can be found. A lot of women want to become stunning and famous just like their favorite screen sirens, pop stars and other celebrities. Evidently, different people have different reasons for accessorizing their garments with personal ornaments featuring stars.

There are so many interesting shapes that stars come in. Because of this, it's for certain that there is something that will go very well with your taste or preference. The most common shape of all is the 5-pointed pentagon. Some stars have 4 points only while others can have more than 5 in total. Many of these geometric shapes are really special because they have certain religious meanings or symbols.

When used as an adornment for women's fashion accessories, the most appealing stars are the ones out of shiny metal. Sterling silver is the choice of many due to its striking color and brightness. What's so nice about any personal ornament out of sterling silver is it can be paired with any type of clothes. In addition, it may also look fabulous when paired with accessories made of different metals.

Sterling silver stars are popularly used as pendants. Whether plain or encrusted with gemstones like diamonds and rubies, they can make the neckline of just about any clothing appear more fabulous. They can make plain white t-shirts look elegant and feminine, and they can make wedding gowns seem more unforgettable. No matter the clothes or occasion, stars can make you stand out.

You can be a complete head-turner when you wear earrings with stars. This is true no matter if you prefer chandeliers, studs or dangling earrings. A basic chain bracelet can look more interesting with the simple addition of charms shaped as stars. There are also plenty of trendy rings adorned with stars. No matter the fashion accessory type, the presence of stars can make it dazzle.

Any clothing you have can become more interesting by accessorizing it with an item that features a star. Go for a personal ornament that comes in the shape and design that complements your taste and character. Especially if you opt for something out of sterling silver that's so versatile, looking great no matter the time or day should be the least of your concerns.

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