Monday, June 8, 2015

A Summary Review Of Rediscovering Our Spiritual Gifts

By Elaine Guthrie

Charles Bryant recognizes that a vibrant church leadership will build a stronger congregation. This is the urge that drove him into authoring Rediscovering Our Spiritual Gifts. His idea is that the body of Christ will be built to last if its foundations are on the powers given by the Holy Spirit. This is an incredible read for leaders in all circles including religious, social, politics, business, etc.

The Holy Spirit helps to rejuvenate the spirits of ministers to enable them accomplish their work. This fire from leaders in ministry spreads to followers igniting a renewal. This is a sure way to accomplish what Christ intended for his followers on earth. A rejuvenated leadership will give birth to an animated church.

Dr. Bryant Charles has used the bible as the source of all his teachings. Even the gifts discussed in the book have their genesis in biblical verses. His contention is that by understanding this power, an individual will move closer to self discovery. It is upon the individual to know the powers promised by the spirit in order to fully utilize it. It is an incredible description of how the bible can be applied in contemporary life.

The spiritual gifts revealed by Bryant are thirty two. Each person is gifted in a unique way for the purpose of his role in ministry work. To discover your potential, you will need to deeply examine your heart. This will bring clarity on your ability and enable you to actualize your mission in the ministry of Christ. The simple writing style used by Dr. Charles makes it easier to understand.

The theological principles in the book are very easy to understand. This underlines the desire by Bryant to address Christians of all denominations. The book therefore does not limit the reader to a strict or specific theological notion. His description makes it possible to apply the teachings in daily life. This will make ministry work easier to accomplish.

The best way to tap into the powers given by the spirit is to understand them. This understanding gives one the ability to utilize them at different instances in ministry work. A spiritual gift that is understood produces more fruits and is unlikely to be misused. Misusing any gift comes with grave consequences.

The book is divided into seven parts, each to be studied as an individual session or lesson. This is a considered way of understanding how spiritual powers work. The cluster also enables you to be detailed in your study of the word. Dr. Bryant has put a lot of effort to pull away from the pedestrian understanding of the Holy Spirit. Every individual is gifted differently which calls for personal evaluation.

This wonderful book by Dr. Bryant is available in online stores, book shops and Christian resources centers. It helps in discovering your purpose in life and missionary work. The perspectives advocated are easy to apply in different spheres of life. The price is reasonable with convenient checkout and shipping options. It is an incredible addition to your library and will transform your approach to ministry work.

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