Monday, June 29, 2015

Find Out How True Lover Tests Make Your Marriage Life Great And Admirable

By Edna Booker

Love is something that many people lack accurate description and definition of, yet, it creeps to them in all ways and when they least expect it to show up. Unlike other elements of life, true love has a tendency of going beyond tribe, race, age and positions. However, some people fail to differentiate between the genuine love and infatuation especially in their late teenage years. If you want to have a sound and fruitful relationship, you should pay attention to true lover tests.

Many people today regret their marriage lives and the relationships they have right now since they blindly got into them. They did not take time to assess all its dimensions in terms of value, nature and goals. Getting love is totally different from getting its genuineness. What you do not correct now in your relationship will cost your marriage dearly. Therefore, take time to assess the love you are about to entangle yourself to.

One of the assessments you should make is if your love companion has focus in life. Many people are in various family problems today because they did not asses where their partners were future oriented. Find out if the partner has family issues at heart and if they have great future dreams for their children and grand children. If you get engaged to a person who has no focus on family affairs, you regret when it is too late.

Seek to know if your partner has the ability to stick to you alone without seeking extra marital affairs elsewhere. Any partner who sticks to their partner alone are most admirable since fidelity is the foundation of a long-lasting marriage. Love between lovers can exist at all time, but it can never be sweet if one of them becomes an infidel. Fidelity is like glue that sticks two things together to appear one for a long time.

Once your relationship moves closer towards marriage life, your responsibilities would diversify and demand more from both of you. This means that you should look for ways of meeting the needs that comes with it. You would strain to achieve this if your partner does not have the right attitude towards work. The two of you should be happy with your work if it is improving the quality of your life.

On the other hand, you should seek to know if your partner has good problem solving skills. Being in love does not mean you will not experience disagreements, but how you harmonize them is what matters most. If your partner reacts selfishly towards disagreements, you would never solve even the smallest problems in your marriage.

Carry out a test to see if your partner can keep other things and affairs away to spend time with you. Many people in marriages today opt to spend most hours in their workplaces and businesses without minding the feelings of their partners. Physical presence and having time to share with your partner strengthens your relationship in a great way.

In conclusion, you cannot make in marriage or love life without recognizing God however much you try. This suggests that the partner you are falling in love with should have Godly values with them if you want to make God the author and controller of your marriage life. All marriages that succeed in all aspects have God as the main source of strength, happiness and power.

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