Sunday, June 14, 2015

Hard Times & The Necessity Of Faith

By Evan Sanders

When things are looking pretty negative in life, it can be actually tricky to see the light. Fear, doubt, depression, uneasiness all seep in and the outcome doesn't really look to good. Frequently we are so frightened to even feel these emotions that we try to avoid them altogether, only finding that they come back time and time again. What can be the way out? Is there a way out?


We must go through these things.

For almost all of us, we must grip onto our faith.

There's a certain type of magic and grace in getting close to your emotions - even the ones that hurt - without being consumed by them. It's like trying to put your hand close to a hot pan to feel the heat but at the very same time trying not to burn yourself. These negative and agonizing feelings, while they test our soul deeply, can turn out to be a source to our best healing however. They can take us places where we really need to bring our love and teach us about what wants some attention. Give yourself the opportunity to truly experience these thoughts and experiences deeply while not trying to run from them and change them and see quite how much you can learn. It's a challenging experiene to say the least, but it's an extremely worthwhile experience in itself.

Can this experience be really painful at times? Absolutely. But when we start to tap into the darker energies of life, we give ourselves the greatest opportunity to compassionately deal with the events we may not have given much attention to in our past. These past events and unsightly emotions will come knocking at our door regularly, and we are able to continue to pretend as if they don't really exist, or we will kindly guide them in and begin the conversation that has long been deeply needed.

These times will test your faith...but isn't that the point of having true faith in the first instance? We need to have something that we know we will go to regardless of any challenge that comes our way. So run to your faith when times get will always have a light.

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