Saturday, June 27, 2015

How To Build A Close Relationship With God And Improve Your Spiritual Life

By Francis Riggs

At times, most people find themselves lacking the spiritual connection with God. The reason for this is people are losing faith in God and the religion. This has affected them and the families are no longer attending church due to loss of faith and busy schedules. These needs to change and the people must learn how to build a close relationship with God.

Prayers are the way we communicate with the maker, so if you feel out of touch, consider praying every day. The reason for praying is either to be thankful or ask one to have their sins forgiven. If praying for forgiveness, one should not be afraid, as He is aware of the sins committed. Confess and ask for forgiveness and you will be at peace.

Find time for the lord. Just as people are dedicated to their work and other duties, they should find time to pray and read the bible. One gets closer to God if they spare time to be with Him. This does not mean you do it during a small break. Get into a closed room and spend the next hour praying.

The bible is a book for the Christians to learn about Jesus and living in the ways that glorify the God. It guides them on what to do in a particular situation. It has all the answers and guidance a person can need. Therefore if one feels they have lost touch with the lord or have done something that does not uphold Christian values, they should read the bible and repent. The bible may seem big and not easy to read. The good news is there are ways and tools one can use to make reading enjoyable.

Do not be alone; seek the company of other believers. If you are, alone you tend to be negative in all the thoughts that come into the mind. Been with another person encourages one to be positive in every situation.

The best way to feel closer to God is to attend church regularly. Vesting the church should be out of desire and should not be seen as a duty or obligation. It does not mean you spend most of the time in church but you should worship and fellowship regularly. Remember going to church does not make you a Christian.

Having faith despite the hard times is necessary. Even after praying and fasting. It may seem as if the lord has forgotten us. Things will go wrong even if we pray, but we should strengthen our faith instead of letting it waver. Our inners thoughts and wishes should remain pure. We should set examples in how we do it and it will encourage others.

Losing faith is normal with Christians. The world is changing fast and people are been influenced by so many things they see and experience every day. The Christians should remain strong and find a way to strengthen their belief system. If they do not they will conform to the pleasures and needs of the world. The above tips will guide those who have lost their faith.

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