Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How To Fill And File The Articles Of Incorporation Forms

By Freida Michael

The desire to create the new company can be driven by many factors. In some cases, you have been conducting a registered business and you have reached the level where its growth can only be based on a limited liability company, or you want to go into a business where you must have a registered company in order to secure contracts, get loans, and other deals. Regardless of the reason, you need to know that forming a company have numerous advantages. However, for the formation to take place, there are basic requirements. One of these is filling in the articles of incorporation forms and filing them with the relevant department.

The articles of incorporation are the documents in which the basic information that identify the company and details its operation characteristics. Once it is fully completed, filed and get approval from the relevant state authority, it articles as the legal foundation that creates your company and gives it authority to conduct business as prescribed in it.

Regardless of the company size, there are basic information that must be contained in this document. These are considered to be the minimum information necessary. They include the corporation name and the address of it's of business, the purpose of the corporation or its nature of business which can be broadly stated as "to engage in lawful activity", and the name and address of its registered agent. The agent is legally responsible for accepting the legal documents on the LLC behalf.

The other basic information includes the details of its directors and other relevant officers like the managers and members. In most cases, the people who initiate the formation of the company known as the initiators or promoters are the once who sign the forms. These officers may or may not be the first directors.

The last aspect regards the shareholding structure. Under this, the information such as the authorized stock for the issue, the classes of stock (designation of stock classes) and the stock value are detailed. In addition to this, the shareholders and their shares are also included.

As long as it contains the minimum information required, then it will be accepted for filing. From the website of your Secretary of State, you can download and print the articles forms, complete them and forward them for filing.

The document can be downloaded from the website of the State Secretary in the relevant state, fill in all the required information and then review it with an experienced attorney before you finally submit it to be filed. There is a filing fee that varies from one state to the other.

It can be very exciting to form a new company, however, this excitement can be short-lived if you don't take the necessary steps and comply with all the requirements. In order to ensure that your path of success is smooth, it is good to seek the services of an experienced business attorney to help you through this path.

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