Thursday, June 4, 2015

How To Strengthen My Spiritual Life Journey

By Ericka Marsh

A strong spiritual life is very fulfilling. It takes time and effort to realize this strength. The first step is a declaration that, I want to take charge of my spiritual life journey. Attaining this strength will require you to undertake several things.

Identify your foundation- this means making a decision to follow a particular spirituality. The spirituality or principles in many cases are based on a religious belief. Further, within different religions, there are opportunities to adapt a particular lifestyle. The options include meditative, charity, evangelical, intellectual, etc. The principles of the religious or spiritual body you join will guide you through the journey.

Be a member of a community- participating in communities is encouraging and reinforces your belief. The experiences shared on daily life will strengthen you in spirit, personal and social life. It also is a chance to learn from those who understand the spirituality better and also share your understanding or knowledge with those who join behind you.

Mentor- having a mentor in matters of faith provides an upper hand since most of them have gone through the experience of faith. Their experience and understanding of the journey of faith will strengthen your pursuit of a fulfilling life. They help you during major decision making intervals and will redirect you in case you get lost. Find a person who encourages you to be better and aim higher spiritually.

Read intensely- it is important to understand what you belief. This is best achieved through reading. Books on the foundations of your spirituality, religious group or community are enlightening. They enlighten you on expectations and how to remain strong in faith. There also are books or literature on emerging issues that make it easier to handle them. The internet also contains a lot of literature on spirituality.

Listen- live lectures and audio materials are very resourceful in being spiritually grounded. Listen to intellectuals and leaders on DVDs, radio, TV or internet uploads. Their insight is usually selected and up-to-date which makes it easier to understand. These materials can be accessed and used over the phone and other mobile devices wherever you are.

Mediating- a person who mediates understands his surrounding and belief better. Having quiet moments makes reflection deeper and easier. With the use of mediation guides like music or a directed audio, you can delve into a lot of personal issues and enhance your experience in faith.

Conduct charity work- charity work within your area of residence or operation helps to strengthen your spirit. It makes it easier to understand the composition of your community and how you can make it better. It acts as practical application of what you believe. Encountering less privileged people makes you appreciate your gifts.

Pilgrimage- this is a journey to a holy site associated with your religion. It is made once in a while over a period of time. Pilgrimages help you have a first hand experience of the events that form the foundation of your spirituality. Beyond reading and hearing about certain places or people, a pilgrimage offers clarity on the important principles or pillars of your spiritual life.

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