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The Best Executive Coaching Minneapolis

By April Briggs

Deciding well is the only difference between us succeeding or not succeeding. Every day of our life, we are faced with the daunting task of looking deeply into every option available to us and picking the one that is the best from the rest. Then comes the rarely considered part, which sums up the actions we take or the lack of it to uphold our choice. Following these steps well and as is supposed is what leads to a good decision and to success. What is the best executive coaching minneapolis and how it influences the decision making skills.

Decision making is said to be the act of identifying and choosing from alternatives based on the values and preferences of the person deciding. We can also say that it is a problem solving activity that ends when one finds a satisfactory solution to a given issue. Given that we are keen on getting the best for and out of our lives then we ought to seriously know about, and even get to study decision making.

The act of making a decision is often two fold. The first step of decision is the critical thinking stage and the second step is the value clarification stage. The final step which many people rarely consider is implementing that decision in a disciplined manner so that the decision stands. The last process is what should be regarded as making a decision. Otherwise, there would be no difference between making a choice, referring to only the choosing, and deciding, which refers to the resolution one makes and the actions that accompany it.

For a decision to be good, all the options available must be considered. The first step of decision making is called the critical thinking stage. The question here is what options are available to the person making the decision and what is important to them.

The misgiving that comes first is usually when we consider only the options that we feel are fitting to us. By doing that we have prejudice which stops us from weighing well the advantages of the options we dislike. Having information that is not enough on the options is also another shortcoming, If we use the wrong method to contrast and compare between the decisions available to us, that too is another problem cropping up.

The second stage is the value clarification stage. Here we get to ask questions like, how do I feel about this choice?And, What is important to me? There is always need to differentiate well between what you want and what you need. In this stage, it is important to have an understanding of yourself or the person or group you are deciding for.

Having completed the two steps correctly you are now required to have your decision carried out. You have to be assertive and not easily swayed. Similarly, your time management skills will be constantly put to the test.

Whether you succeed or you fail in your endeavor totally depends on how well you carry out the three steps outlined. How simple could it get? As simple as your knowledge of the decision making process. It is desirable to increase that knowledge. You can get in touch and join us in our next decision making class.

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