Monday, June 15, 2015

The Deep Need For Encouragement

By Evan Sanders

Support matters. It actually does.

We all need somebody in our corner who believes in us when we are down and out. Life simply seems to occur and we get knocked down continually. But your world can actually change when you have an encourager in your life. This person is someone that seriously believes in you and can bring you up when you aren't feeling great about yourself. This is someone who honestly can remind you exactly who you are when you start to forget.

Encouragement is the dose of support our world actually needs.

Encouragement is important. It's not motivation or inspiration, but instead it is about bringing in a pinch of light into other peoples lives. If we can really bring in some light to those that may not actually have a supporting system or who are absolutely lacking encouragement in their daily lives, well, then aren't we living a good life ourselves?

We reside in a place and time that focuses more on toppling others down than bringing them up. Gossip floods the news and people pay to witness others get destroyed. We love watching heroes fall who have risen to extreme levels. Maybe it is down to the fact that we would like them to be back down at our level because we've not risen ourselves? Who really knows? But what I do actually know for certain is that we tend to need to bring darkness into peoples lives instead of bringing light. That fact is pretty disturbing when you concentrate on it long enough.

This has to change. It really has to change.

We must start promoting what we adore instead of screaming about what we loathe. If we don't stop, we'll continue to watch our world fall apart at the seams until we have nothing left.

So take a stand for what you love.

Encourage Others.

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