Monday, June 1, 2015

The Truth About The Reader

By Kim Warrior

A new type of positive thinking has now been brought forth on the web, and in book form known as the "Daily Warrior." The "Daily Warrior,"provides daily information based in truth, inspiration and knowledge which has the power to change lives for the better. The online forum allows individuals to listen and read a new posting each day, 365 days per year. Whereas, if individuals would like to obtain a full copy for each year, one can easily do so through e-book, or traditional book format.

Past users of the site have often reported seeing immediate progress. As there is a new posting for each day of the year, the online postings are updated on a daily basis. Each of which can be read or listened to online then later found in a compilation of the year through e-book or through a bookseller.

Written in a form that whether read in the morning, evening or simply at various intervals, the information can provide a great deal of insight into troubleshooting and problem solving in every day life. The author also works to encourage and write in a way that works to help overcome the challenges and obstacles which confront or drag people down.

Born in the early fifties to a liberal minded couple, the author has always had an open mind. Although the family later immigrated to Canada, Kim grew up in a middle-class town, left school after only attending through his 9th year, and married a girlfriend from high school. Regardless of the young age of the couple, the marriage has spanned years of trials and tribulations, success and failures.

Later, Mr. Alfreds returned to school and received a certificate in Financial Management. After having explored the financial realm along with the monies provided, drugs also became a problem. As such, after a long stint of rehabilitation and renewal, Kim became an author of more inspirational works.

Most successful individuals have seen at least some trial and tribulation throughout life. Whether a struggle through school, work, with relationships or life in general, those who have had to face adversity are often some of the strongest individuals in society. For, when individuals face severe adversity or challenges, only then can one truly see the amount of personal and professional growth that has taken place over the years.

The author is still a highly regarded and respected businessman. Yet, Mr. Alfreds still enjoys a great deal of sports and entertainment. Though, the ultimate goal of the author and the Daily Warrior is to help others overcome obstacles and challenges in daily life through these daily postings. The messages are also written in a way to help encourage and uplift all who read each daily post.

Without having created the Daily Warrior, Mr. Alfreds would not be able to share the experience, information, knowledge or wisdom found in these daily messages. The books which are built from these daily postings are also a great source to look back on over the years for renewed guidance and inspiration. As such, those interested in this type inspirational reading may want to keep a copy on shelf at home and office for quick referral in times of need.

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