Thursday, June 25, 2015

Tips For Choosing A PSA Oxygen Generator

By Freida Michael

Majority of the time, doctors prescribe the use of therapy that involves a colorless and odorless reactive gas to individuals who have been diagnosed with moderate to severe COPD. Doctors would usually advise them to purchase a concentrator. This medical device will not only make the life of these individuals more simple, but enjoyable as well. Since their therapy involves the colorless and odorless reactive gas, they will need it constantly. In fact, they might need it for several hours every day.

The colorless as well as odorless reactive gas does not require a refill when utilizing such medical tool. Aside from being inexpensive, it also convenient to utilize since it utilizes the air wherever you are. Furthermore, the air will be filtered or concentrated by the PSA oxygen generator for you to get the amount of gas you require without being harmful.

However, they should know that concentrators are created differently. It is advisable for them to shop around for the one that is best for them. This is important especially if individuals have decided that a concentrator is best for them because it is more convenient and cost effective. There are some questions they should be asking themselves.

They should determine if they will be leaving the house majority of the time and will do a lot of travel. In addition, they should determine if they need to travel by air for their adventures. Some individuals do not want to worry about fussing with a battery, so they want something that they can simply plug in. Last, but not the least, they should determine if they will be getting a lot of physical activity.

It is advisable for them to invest in a portable concentrator especially if they want to start being more physically active or if they plan on leaving the house to travel by train, car, boat or plane. Majority of the portable concentrators can be used for air travel. In fact, these can continue working at high altitudes. Majority of the time, these are used by those who do some mountain climbing. These allow a lot of freedom for majority of the individuals.

A home concentrator would be suitable for individuals who do not need very frequent or constant dose of the colorless and odorless reactive gas. The same is suitable for those who want to save themselves the money. Majority of the time, these are cheaper compared to the portable ones. However, these are usually heavier and bigger. This is the reason why it is not easy to cart these around.

A portable concentrator with a longer battery life is suitable for individuals who need constant dose at a low flow rate or need high flow rate for several hours of the day. They can get a spare battery that they can charge while they are using the other one. This means they can switch the batteries out when they need to. However, they need these to last so that they can continue doing the things they need to do the entire day without changing the batteries out.

Your doctor can help you choose a concentrator that is perfect for your requirements, so asking him or her is best. Furthermore, contacting a medical supplier is wise as well because he or she is often willing to help you select the one perfect for you.

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