Saturday, June 20, 2015

What Companies Who Do High Rise Window Washing In NJ Do For You

By Freida Michael

If your commercial building was only one story or even two or three, your requirements for window cleaning would not be too technical. You hire a company to come in and they could handle that with a ladder or a scissor lift.. When you have a taller building, such as those in the New Jersey downtown core area, you will need a different crew. You will need to find a company that provides high rise window washing in NJ.

Of all of the many companies in this area that do this kind of cleaning the one you want will answer your questions forthrightly and without hesitation. They wilt have the equipment necessary for the height of your building and will be able to handle the lower floors quickly. The upper ones will not give them problems, however, they will have to go about these differently.

The reason for the creativity, in New Jersey, is because of the hardware that should be mounted on the top of your building. It largely determines what system they can use for cleaning all of that glass you have. There are several systems that can be employed to get to all of this and the system, on your roof, must be able to coordinate with a least one of those systems.

Cleaners use to rappel down the side of buildings. This is dangerous way of doing it and most experts will not do this any more. The step up from that is a rope chair similar to what is used for seamen in the rigging of sailing ships. This is a chair, fabricated from various knots to form a seat that cradles and ties in a cleaner. The system that is required, on your roof, will be tie down and a set of block and tackle so the rope or chain can flow freely.

A conversation with the company who will be doing this cleaning will allow you to understand what types of hardware and mounting brackets need to be installed before any work can proceed. The investment is worth it, especially if there is going to be any maintenance involving the outside of the building. This is always a possibility when managing a large structure and should have already been installed if your building is older than 10 or so years.

One of the most popular systems is a gondola, suspended from ropes or chain, draped over the side of the building. This is tied down with appropriate tie downs on the roof and can hold two or three people. Many painters use this and window cleaners love the room that is available on this scaffolding type floor. There is a fence to prevent falls and safety chains to secure them from leaving the platform.

No matter what system is used to get the professionals up or down to the windows needing cleaning, they all clean the windows the same way as if they were standing on the ground. They will have a bucket, a wet bar and a squeegee. They may also have a knife for sticky material. The glass is made wet and scrubbed with the wet bar and the knife is used, if needed, while the glass is wet.

The show that is put on, by using the squeegee, is an interesting one. That is because everyone uses a slightly different technique. Some start at the top and move the tool straight down the glass and goes back to the top. Advanced cleaners use a fairly complicated swirling motion to clear the glass in just one stroke.

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