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General Information On Psychic San Diego

By Eula Clarke

There are a lot of people who are interested in clairvoyance, telepathy and other supernatural powers. They might seek out the services of a psychic in order to find out certain information. While there are many people who criticize extrasensory perception or ESP and the abilities of psychics, there are many who are firm believers in these powers. People in or around San Diego, CA may be interested in finding a psychic San Diego.

These individuals, who may also be referred to as fortune tellers, mediums, clairvoyants, tout their ability to take in info that the rest of the population is unable to. They cite ESP for having this ability. Critics believe that these people are delusional and intentionally seek to trick people. Different kinds of psychics are said to exist.

There are psychics who say they have the ability to see into the future. Others suggest that they can communicate with dead people. Then there are people who say they can sense emotions of people nearby. All who take on this title are believed to take in more information that most people can through their regular senses.

Some say that everyone has these abilities, but not all can process the energy. This psychic energy can be taken in through different ways. People might have only one ability or multiple. Every person is different.

Clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, telepathy and empathy are the main ways in which this energy is managed. Clairvoyants perceive the information through pictures, while clairaudience perceive things audibly or within their head. People might experience psychic tastes, sensations or smells through clairsentience. These people might also have the information just come into their head. Empathy is the ability to take in emotions of others psychically and telepathy is knowing or sensing what another is thinking.

Mediumship, automatic drawing or writing, psychometry, physical mediumship, remote viewing, divination, channeling, healing, ESP, precognition, scrying and psychokinesis are examples of psychic abilities a person may have. Mediumship is used to describe the ability to communicate in a disincarnate way. Physical mediumship involves promoting manifestions through and from the dead. People with remote viewing abilities are able to visualize various activities and locations from remote locations. ESP is reading of the mind of other people and those who master psychokinesis can manipulate matter via mental energy only.

Precognition relates to seeing ahead or into the future. Healing refers to a positive affect on an organism done to promote healing. This may be associated with medical intuition. Psychic info can be taken in through divination, which incorporates the use of special equipment, such as dowsing rods or pendulums. Psychometry involves touching objects to gain information.

Scrying is similar to psychometry except that the info is gathered just by looking at the object. Automatic writing or drawing is done without consciously thinking. The things that are drawn or written will convey the psychic information. People who can channel are able to allow outside sources to send them info. A spirit guide would be an example of an outside source.

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