Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Hero We Actually Need

By Evan Sanders

Ambition has been in existence for as long as humans have existed and it has caused many to destroy families, relations, friends, and the rest in its way. It's time for a new sort of bold person. It's time to have ambition coupled with personality.

We need people in this world who are going to produce amazing work, aim to make a major difference in this world rather than the norm and strip everything they can from it, focus on building a legacy instead of leaving liabilities and to express their deepest gifts while taking care of others.

We need people that are unwilling to make a compromise on their character for the simple excitement of life because they understand that it's about the long term vision instead of gaining short term notoriousness.

We need folks that are happy to take a stand for a vision that honestly is greater than themselves and to dump their egos at the door. These people trust in a concept that can't be killed and therefore will lead many individuals into the light rather than keeping them as future customers in the dark.

We need individuals that are impressive, conscientious, content to sacrifice, and have a positive perspective about what they can give to the world instead of what they can strip of it. Oh yes, we have had too many people in the past try to rip and tear their way through the world and they have successfully annihilated a great amount of it.

You could ask, "What can one or two people like this do?" I'm of the opinion a few people like this who are on the same page and have a mission can change the world in ways that we have never seen before.

Perhaps you could be be one of them? If it calls you, we need you.

Our world wants these people direly.

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