Friday, August 14, 2015

Discover How Invisalign Can Straighten Teeth With A Brooklyn Cosmetic Dentist

By Clayton Maske

There are a number of problems that crooked teeth can cause. Not only do they make it hard for people to feel comfortable and confident with their smiles, but they also subject certain tooth structures to unnecessary wear and tear. Working with a Brooklyn NY affordable dentistry will help you learn more about the value and benefits of the Invisalign straightening system.

Bite forces can be normalized by Invisalign. This is also a great way to make the smile look even and healthy. One reason why these devices are so popular however is the fact that they do not present the same array of challenges that traditional braces do.

A 3D model will be made of your smile during the formative stages of this process by using patented Invisalign software. A second 3D will also be made that shows how the teeth will look after they have been aligned. These two resources are the basis of the plastic trays that will be made for you so that your bite can be corrected over time.

People can take their trays out and put them back in as often as they like. Thus, they can eat hot, cold, crunchy and chewy foods without fear of damaging wire braces. This also makes it a lot easier to practice good dental hygiene throughout the corrective process.

When braces are used for these purposes, brushing and flossing the teeth thoroughly can be challenging. Getting trapped debris from behind wires and actual braces is difficult and thus, some people develop decay or areas of decalcification in the form of white spots. People do not usually deal with these same developments when they have opted for Invisalign.

People also love the fact that these products are inconspicuous. They are clear and very comfortable to wear especially when compared to other corrective methods. As a result, patients can get the improvements in alignment that they seek while retaining their confidence and their oral health.

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