Friday, August 28, 2015

How To Live A Prosperous Life By Not Focusing On Materialism

By Shawn Hunter

People have limits to how much we are capable of dealing with at a daily basis. Once bombarded with too much pressure, we may end up having some serious issues not only mentally but also emotionally. Experts like counselors and psychologists are among those people who seek to provide assistance for those who may need their support.

No one is totally exempted to these things. What can make the difference is how you handle your situation. How to live a prosperous life is one of those common questions of people who find themselves still not satisfied even if they are trying very hard to improve. To come up with some sort of a common ground, it will be of help if clarifying your own definition of what it takes to be prosperous. Is it just about wealth. How about emotional stability.

Being clear on your personal definition of prosperity can spell a lot on how you want to achieve it. Frankly, how a person feels fulfilled is dependent on many factors like personal aspirations. What works for one may not have the same impact with that of others. If you are trying out things though, you may want to do the following.

Acknowledge the presence of challenges and problems, but do not center your attention on them. Problems and hardships exist. They are things beyond our control. Acknowledging that they exist is the first step to achieving resolution. But of course, one has to ensure that they do not let it flood their thoughts and succumb to all the negatives.

Give thanks to what you have, and even those which you dont. Common human tendency is, we give thanks to things that we receive, many of them material. However, we tend to complain a lot when we do not get what we asked for. The thing is, it does not work this way. God is not a vending machine. Sometimes, His answer is no. And even at that, you should be thankful because that would mean that there is something better up for you.

Share what you got to others. Feeling fulfilled and prosperous is not about how much you have. We have seen a lot of people still feeling unsatisfied amidst all the material possessions that they have. Why is this. Its not just because materials dont do anything to make you happy. Rather than hoard stuff, its way better when you start sharing them to those who need them.

Choose well who you associate. You cannot impress everybody. And its when you start working on impressing people that you also start feeling tired and unfulfilled. Be on guard for temptations to get off track. Go with those entities who can offer you right and good company.

Pray and meditate. If there is one thing that can guarantee you peace of mind, it will be prayer. How long do you spend some time in silence. When you want to clear your thoughts, you should talk to Him and ask for guidance.

Prosperity may have varied definition from a person to another, but you have to check your own view. A lot of times your perception is the one entirely dictating your to act, which of course have a direct effect on how you feel about it. Spend some time in silence and assess your own situation.

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