Monday, August 3, 2015

Joining Faith Assembly Of God Springdale AR

By Amalia Odom

In most instances, many people do not have any idea in terms of knowing if a religious institution is a creed believing one. They do not have any idea how to find out if one preaches from the sacred writings. People often search for signs.

Nowadays, people can select from a lot of different churches as well as different denominations. Different churches teach a lot of different doctrines. This is the reason why people find it a bit difficult to know which among such churches believe in the Bible just like the Faith Assembly of God Springdale AR.

Majority of the scripture believing churches do not have a full parking lot. In addition, these churches do not have long lists of activities. These do not look exquisitely beautiful, do not have shinny exterior and are not huge. Individuals can already trust what they see based on how the churches look like from the outside. Hearing biblical teachings cannot be guaranteed by attending mega churches or hearing what is taught during the sermon.

Churches often remain in the sacred writings especially if these are delivering from the Holy Bible. In most instances, the sermon discusses the holy writings. Furthermore, a verse including a chapter should be mentioned aside from specifying if it is found in the New or Old Testament. The relevance of the old one is taught in Bible believing churches.

Individuals usually find another church especially if they hear a preacher say that the holy book is not relevant at present. The creator in His sovereignty declared that the whole Bible is and will always be relevant. The holy book will always be profitable for teaching, correction and reproof. Bible believing churches teach what is only found on the Bible during Sunday morning services, Wednesday night Bible studies and at Sunday school. The pastors of these churches should always encourage individuals to turn to verse and chapter. Aside from telling the individuals to read the holy book during the week, pastors should also tell them to breathe, sleep and eat the Bible in the church or in another church.

Churches that have Christ-centered messages is one very clear sign that they believe in the holy book. Aside from teaching about the cross, they also teach about Calvary and the blood of the Lamb. The teachings are usually centered on the word of their Creator. It cannot be denied that the scripture is Christ-centered. It is all about the Creator from Genesis to Revelation.

Another thing for people to make certain is finding out if it offers a Sunday school program occasionally as well as Wednesday night Bible sharing. One hour of preaching every Sunday is not enough for most of them. This is due to the fact that they feel the need to be reminded about the guidebook each day. It is for their spiritual satisfaction.

Majority of the scripture believing churches in Springdale AR follow the Bible as their standard of belief and practice. However, there is no formal prescribed belief system to govern them. The reason behind this is that they are non-denominational or of no specific Christian denomination.

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