Tuesday, October 27, 2015

We Can Either Fall To Pieces Or Fall Together

By Evan Sanders

The pressures of life can either break you to pieces or they can shape you into a diamond.

The choice is yours.

We are all going to be faced with adversity and tragedies in life but the major difference maker between those who crumble to pieces and those who turn into a diamond is how they decide to react to these situations. The first person takes the position of victim and lets everything fall apart around him or her. The second person decides that they are going to step right into whatever has come their way and face it head on.

The amount of pressure we face every single day is astronomical.

Enormous amounts of pressure can be excruciating to deal with at times, but it's something that we all face. We all face the pressure to be things and do things that do not resonate with us. But most of all, we all feel the pressure internally to grow into something that we are currently not.

Why haven't we all?

Because there is something deep inside each of us that is calling out our own unique gifts. Some may lose themselves to the pressures of life and never return back to who they really are. They don't have the skills, tools, or support system to bring them back and restore their faith in continuing making positive efforts in their life.

But for those brave souls that are willing to go through it all to help show the world what is possible, anything can be created. They can live as a representation of what is possible if you take your challenges head on. They will inspire us all.

What it really comes down to is being able to face the massive amount of fears we have in our lives despite everything that is trying to pull us back into the norm. We must live through whatever hell may face us and have the bravery and fortitude to stand strong despite the looming darkness that may be coming for us.

The choice is yours.

Break to pieces...or turn into a diamond?

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