Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Into The Depths Of Your Heart

By Evan Sanders

If you can get past the fear of traveling into the depths of your heart, you will end up realizing that it's a place of understanding and great compassion.

We often view "intense" places as something rather negative. But are they really negative just because they are intense? Or is it because we live in a society that tries to deaden everything about us that we have no viewed someone or something that is intense as a bad thing?

Maybe this intensity is actually how we were supposed to live our lives? Maybe this intensity is the exact thing that should be coming out in us and we should fight to keep it alive?

When we shut ourselves off from experiencing negative feelings we also shut ourselves off from experiencing the wide array of positive ones too. The midst of your heart can be a place that you can go to grasp the truths about yourself instead of a place that you have to be frightened of. In this place, there exist lessons of love and passion. Why wouldn't you want to go there?

And yet, we are all terrified to go to the place our intensity lives because of how many bad feelings exist in our hearts from previous heartbreaks. But the journey is worth it if you can bring out the best and brightest version of yourself.

No. Instead, it's much better to risk it all than to play it safe.

When you risk it all and run on faith you give yourself the best opportunity to truly live. You give yourself a chance to change for the better and to step into a new life. But if you constantly live in the land of mediocrity, you're going to suffer the consequences in the long term.

Is it going to be scary? Oh you bet.

You are going to have to travel deep into your heart time and time again and connect with thoughts and emotions that may not exactly be pretty. But if you can really give this a good try, there's no telling what you could accomplish with a new level of self awareness.

So what will it be today?

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