Sunday, February 28, 2016

Bend The Body To Relax The Mind In Yoga

By Adam Landberry

Spirituality is present in each and every atom of the universe. Continuous and sustained efforts are required to bring this quality to forefront. You can truly discover this inborn talent by creating a correct and precise coordination between mind and body. If a proper rapport is achieved, it will make you more happy and satisfied than you would have least imagined.

Power yoga is considered one of the most popular tools in building strong muscles, bones and joints. The whole body is put into use to strengthen the muscles. The hands, legs, abdomen and back are used to keep the tissues and cartilages safe and sound. Based on the Indian yoga style, Vinyasa, it is an American version that uses more rigorous and flexible use of the body. The poses are designed and styled around the main yoga form called Astanga.

Another effective way to discover spirituality is to listen to music that is soothing and serene for the ears. Listening to light instrumental music or meditational music helps in improving concentration and builds a strong aura around you as you sit in meditational position. You feel you are totally detached from the world and surviving on just breath. Prayers are considered as an effective tool to connect you to God. The verses are written in such a manner that you feel like you are living in a place where God is sitting next to you. As you tend to concentrate on words by closing your eyes, you stop thinking. You leave the actuality of place and time and start concentrating on words that are responsible for creating an environment free from thoughts.

Yoga is another such instrument that develops and improves spirituality. It helps you discover the inherent quality of exercising control over your nerves. The ancient techniques were designed taking every part of body and inside into consideration. The famous Ashtanga yoga is very crucial in connecting self with soul through the use of postures, senses and breath. It not only improves flexibility of body but improves concentration which is critical element of spirituality. You can also discover your spiritual nature if you adopt a diet that is pure and vegan in nature. Not eating flesh will kill the killer instinct that will help in enhancing the spirits towards purity and conscience.

Venting your pain in the shower or swimming pool can give a lot of relaxation. As soon as water touches you, you feel a bit relieved. You feel you took the step ahead to drain out those feelings that were hurting you tremendously. Swimming not only relaxes your body but creates a lot of mental stability that you achieve through movements. Problems are part and parcel of human beings. They cannot be avoided but they can be dealt in the most positive manner by changing the perspective of life. If you decide to take things in a practical manner, you will not feel distressed or depressed and start everything on a positive note. If it is difficult to overcome the sudden pressures of pain and difficulties, you can seek guidance from spiritual guru who will ignite the right notes in your mind.

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