Saturday, February 27, 2016

Why Churches Are Failing In The 21St Century

By Petunia Northwood

For many years, churches have reigned with supremacy and conviction to spread the word of the Lord to everyone. They believed in what was bestowed upon them and live to get people behind them. If someone opposed, they would in those many old times fight to keep them in believing in God. The churches have done their best to fight for their beliefs. This has gone on for years. In the 21st century, churches are failing. What were once strongholds of faith, have become strongholds of confusion and disorganization? What was once the most prominent place of worship is now a prominent place of disorder?

Why are churches failing in the 21st century? What are the reasons for their crumbling in the modern era of society? Churches refuse to accept the world as it is. If you look at it, churches have become un-adjustable to the changing world. They would rather stick to the ideas of the old world. But it's time to accept that 'change is inevitable' as the saying goes. Churches don't address the issues pertained to them directly. In recent years, scandals and controversies have hit the churches. Priests are accused of sexual encounters, pastors are questioned for their glamorous riches and high-ranked church officials are buzzed about their viewpoints on everything. When the churches finally respond, they don't do it directly. They try to dodge the issues to avoid any more mishaps.

The pursuing of prophecy isn't hard to do as long as you know how to fulfill the requirements on how to pursue them. Some prophecies require that you have a good knowledge of something while other prophecies require you have a good attitude towards something so they can give trust in you. Prophecies are also a group of messages that pertain to one thing.

Nowadays, people are making prophecies about the end of the world. With so many disasters such as earthquakes (Haiti), tsunami (Japan), man-made (economic crisis in USA) and everything else, they've been making claims about prophecies they made years ago before these disasters have happened. Now with 2016 already here, people are now more than ever strong in keeping their prophecy strong and unbeatable to the public.

There is a difference between the anointed and the talented. Both of these pastor types are the same, but the only difference is the anointed always does things in accordance with God. He never defies God no matter what he does. He doesn't use his talents and skills to deceive people. He uses them for the greater good. If you happen to have these qualities, then you are an anointed pastor. Always remember the 6th quality: " always do things in accordance with God." You may be an anointed pastor but you can't use this talent of yours for deceiving. If God indeed anointed you, it is best you share what God has given you for the greater good of the world.

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