Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Most Effective Meditation Technique

By Steven Williams

The biggest challenge during meditation is how to effectively concentrate. Others think that you require a lot of time, a particular environment or specific resources to generate good results whenever you meditate. The simplest approach to be effective is to find the best meditation technique for your situation and needs.

The fact that each person has different goals means that it is impossible to find a universal method. The circumstances and facilities available also vary from one person to the other. A customized approach is therefore the most effective way to go. Customization allows you to improvise items as long as they help you achieve the results you desire. With clear goals and creativity, professional resources or an enabling environment will not stop your progress.

Concentration is considered one of the most effective techniques when meditating. You are required to focus on a single point or idea like repeated sound, breathing, action, etc. One of the widest used exercises is focusing on the flame of a burning candle. Other options include counting the beads of a rosary or necklace and listening to the repetitive sound of a gong.

It proves difficult for most people to focus on a single point or idea at the beginning. Experts suggest that the concentration duration be increased gradually. The best duration to meditate is thirty minutes at most. Do not entertain emerging ideas but simply let them fly away. It takes time for you to master this.

There is another effective method called mindful meditation. This is almost the opposite of concentration. You will be required to let your mind freely think through ideas. While the mind wonders and ignites all manner of thoughts, take a mental note of the emerging ideas. This method helps you to appreciate the dynamic nature of your mind and the beauty of its thoughts. It is the best way to attain mental balance and allow ideas to flow from your mind without judging them as good or bad.

Stillness is advocated whenever you meditate. To help you achieve body and mental stillness, it is recommended that you engage in an activity that puts you into a cycle. Slow motion movements, walking, humming, listening to constant melody are some of the options available. These are hacks that you can achieve without the need for expensive apparatus or facilitation.

Guided meditations are sessions with experts with the aim of achieving similar stillness. You have the advantage of numerous resources some of which can be downloaded online or bought from shops. They are specially designed to achieve particular results. Music, sound and conversations dominate this category.

There are numerous rewards for those who manage to meditate on regular basis. They keep away stress by being still. This comes with the added benefit of better decisions, positive thoughts and thus increased potential. This is the best way to become a master of your body and mind. It increases confidence in your decisions and actions which makes it easier to achieve desired goals in life. A few minutes on regular basis and a little bit of creativity will deliver the stillness you desire.

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