Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tips For Dealing With Insecurities In A Relationship

By Lisa Martin

If you are insecure in your relationship you need to stop this before you destroy the romance. Maybe you think that you are not good enough for the other person. You may also feel the insecurity because of the fear that you are being compared to the ex of your partner. Dealing with insecurities in a relationship is the only way to work towards a solution to stop the feeling of inadequacy. Your poor self-image may be more harmful than you think.

The main reason why people are insecure is because they do not focus on the reality. Very active imaginations will cause them to be insecure. Someone who is continually imagining that her boyfriend is interested in other women will become insecure, even if her man is not showing interest in other people. Instead of trusting ones imagination, it is better to look at the real situation.

Let the romance develop in a normal way. When we really like a person, it is natural to wish that the relationship will go to a higher level. But, we need to allow it to go to the next level in a healthy and natural way. Do not force things because of your fears to lose your partner. There are no benefits in rushing things to prevent the person from leaving you.

Being considered a sneaky person can be a very bad thing. This will be the cause of more confusion for you. Try not to snoop around if you are feeling insecure about the contacts that your partner has with other people. In cases like this being sneaky can cause the situation to get worse. When dealing with your feelings of insecurity it is not a good plan to start snooping around.

Positive thinking can help you stop feeling nervous and insecure. Try thinking about the reasons why you decided to start this romance with this particular person and why he likes you so much. Keep focusing on the great times that you have together. Worrying all the time will not make you happy. Your feelings of inadequacy are a sign that you are worrying too much. The solution is to be more positive every day.

It is not fair to your current partner to compare him to another person. It is normal to have some doubts if you have experienced a cheating partner in the past. But this is not a good reason to think that the same thing is going to happen in this romance. You are dealing with another person, so it makes no sense to compare the situations.

Your partner is not your ex. If someone has hurt you in the past, you need to learn to trust again. It can be difficult to do this. Generalizing people and relationships is not the best thing to do. You would not like it if someone else did that to you.

It is very stressful to live in constant fear that the other person is not really interested in the relationship. Stop trying to read the mind of your partner. This is going to drive you insane. Instead of trying to predict the feelings of the other person you can ask him about his feelings. By just asking you will save time and avoid confusion and heartache.

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