Thursday, May 12, 2016

How To Become A Verified Theta Healing Practitioner

By Donald Butler

The power of the subconscious mind is incredible. Our mind is capable of healing our bodies without the intervention of modern medicine. The power of belief combined with spirituality has the real ability to work wonders on the restoration of the health and wellness of folks. These tenets form the fundamental principles defining the world popular technique used by a Theta healing practitioner.

This healing technique is possible thanks to a woman named Vianna Stibbai of Idaho Falls. Her story began in the early nineties when she was just a small time naturopath reader. Her life, and the lives of millions of people the world over, would change forever with her cancer diagnosis in 1995. Her oncologists did not expect her to live longer than a few months after the diagnosis.

As a naturopath, she had already made a solid name for herself as individuals came from all over just to have their readings done by her. She would heal the sick and improve the health and wellness of individuals using her Visualization skills. The tipping point in her career came about when one day after she was diagnosed with cancer, a man came to her for help. The man was suffering from back pains which had persisted for the longest time ever. She was able to conjure up her magic and heal the person.

Her connection and communication with the Creator enabled her to find all the right answers to help her solve the health problems that were ailing and perturbing her clients. Who would have guessed that she too would someday come to require answers and solutions from the Creator to help heal her cancer? It all started one day when a man who had been suffering from recurrent and severe backaches came to her for help and assistance. Vianna performed her visualization technique and with the help of the Creator, she was able to heal the man of the back pains.

She later performed the same procedure on herself hoping to get the healing from the Creator and it worked. Her cancer was no more. In a short duration, her right leg which had by then shortened by a whole three inches began growing until it finally leveled in size with her healthy leg. Owing to overwhelming public demand, Vianna was forced to abandon her humble readings and now take her skills to a global stage. She began traveling the world with the aim of teaching others the mind over matter healing technique she had now completely perfected. A technique which functioned by conjuring up brain waves to automatically heal and improve the body.

The technique she helped inspire has aided millions of people across the world today. The doubters and some jealous individuals have even started referring to it as being the occult and calling it a con game.

Scientists and medical experts have looked into the practice and found out that it works wonders to the mind, body and soul. The technique is now used to heal medical conditions like stress and depression, anxiety, chronic pain, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, Cancer and even HIV causing AIDS.

Healers trained in the art form have helped millions of patients improve their reasoning and cognitive abilities, improve their memory, intelligence and learning skills. Learning the skill is simple, all one needs to do is go online and get the full course inspired and designed by Vianna Sttibai.

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