Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Substance Abuse Counselor Facilitates Freedom From Addictions

By Nancy Collins

Addictions are enslaving but there is a way out of any addiction. There are many success stories of addicts who were set free and now enjoy a life of freedom. A substance abuse counselor facilitates the liberation. He works day and night to make his clients successful. In a place like New Jersey, one will find many counselors. Therefore, it can be hard to make a choice. It is good choose a professional who is experienced, competent and has a nice reputation. Specialists are better than generalists.

A serious addict does not have reason to lose hope because with the latest techniques, even the worst addiction will be remedied. Where addiction ends, is where life begins. There is hope of a better future, even if a person is presently burdened by substance addiction. One should always see that light at the rear of a dark tunnel. It is a light of hope reminding every addict that the best is yet to come. A life destroyed by drugs can still be restored.

Addiction is not the preserve of some people. Everyone is susceptible. Even if a person is not addicted to substances, he may be addicted to pornography, food or other dangerous things. It is not only the people that abuse alcohol that need help. Anyone who abuses anything should seek relevant professional assistance. For the case of alcohol and food, addiction is using more than the recommended quantities frequently. For other addictions, abusing is simply using something that an individual should not be using in the first place. Addicts do not deserve condemnation or rebuke. They need love and affection. It is the caring attitude that will help them in conquering. Friends and family members of an addict, should always offer words of encouragement. Above all, they should go out of their way to find much needed expert assistance for the addict.

It is often said that drugs are dangerous. That is very true. Many people have died because of things like cocaine and ecstasy. For those who have been lucky to be alive, their relationships have been destroyed. Many careers have been ruined because of addictions. Arresting things at the earlier stages is always better. Speedy counseling will prevent further damage from taking place.

There are those who are the opinion that alcohol is drunk for fun. However, there is a thin line between entertainment and addiction and when the line is crossed, necessary help is required. Alcohol indulgence once in a while is not addiction. Being addicted is a situation where one is totally dependent and has to imbibe so as to perform basic tasks.

With the right counseling, even a severe case of addiction is solved. There is nothing that is too hard for the experts. One may think that his problem is bad until he meets people with a far worse situation.

Addiction does not happen overnight. There is a beginning and then an end. The end can be death or alternatively it can be total liberation from the addicting substance and the start of a new life. Substance abuse will look normal until things get out of hand.

Life is best enjoyed, free from addictions. Once the chains of substance abuse are loosened, real freedom is experienced. One will enjoy better physical, financial, and mental health.

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