Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Mushrooming Of Non Denominational Church

By Jeffrey Stone

The history of the church as it can be dated during the apostolic missions shows that different congregations worked independently including the gentile house of worship. This is the same argument used by the members of non denominational church in the states. Their growth has been so rampant, and this has brought a bad image to the respected denominational churches. What they fail to understand is that they had a role to play that led to the separation.

They regularly argue their separation from the early ministries where each and every congregation operated independently. The Gentiles also served their congregation through their leaders. However, the point they fail to consider is the fact that the early churches though they were independent, they used to communicate to one another through Pauls epistles. When there was a need affect more than one church the churches came together to get a possible solution. Different reasons have led to this rift in churches. Some of these reasons date back to the post second world war error. These reasons include:

After world war, two church leaders were noticed to have diverted their attention away from spiritual matters. All their attention was buried into political affairs and leadership. This made some believers to feel less attended. The people whom they thought had a moral duty to enhance their spiritual nourishment had a deficit in the same. For this reason, they opted to come up with their churches that will only be concerned with religious matters only.

Several years after the 2nd world war, the house of worship became too liberal. It accepted any person who was ready to be a member of this institution. This was not to be the case since traditionally there were groups of people who could not be allowed to be part of the congregation. Those believers who saw this as a violation of church norms decided to come up with their churches which will preserve their traditional understanding of this entity.

Marriages initially were between people of the same race and religion. By the end of the 19th century, interracial marriages had become very familiar. People with different religions were becoming couples. Most of these couples wanted to maintain equality in worship, and that is why they formed denominations that would appreciate each others faith.

Most of these churches get carried away by the doctrines of their churches and end up forgetting that the fundamental principles of any Christian should always be the Bible. The traditional believers who believed in the teachings of the Bible refused to be associated with any doctrine as it would make them divert from the Bible to the beliefs of denominations they serve.

Church leadership on its own has become a problem in these churches. This has been attributed to the complicated organization structure of these churches. The finances of this house of worship are under several different people in the hierarchy. Hence, chances of misuse are very high.

The denominational churches are at a threat of being instinct if their mode of operation does not change as people crave for freedom even in the manner of worship and basically just how things are run in these houses of worship.

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