Sunday, May 29, 2016

Tips To Consider When You Volunteer In Developing Countries

By Joseph Reed

The chance to volunteer abroad can be both intimidating and exciting at the same time. There is that fear of encountering unknown forces, but then you also get to experience a whole new world that you have never seen before. This is an opportunity that you should definitely not miss out, so here are some great tips to know before you pack your bags and do your part to help the world.

Be prepared to rough it out because this job primarily does away with the creature comforts you are used to having at home. When you are a volunteer in developing countries, chances are you will be living and working in very squalid conditions, and this is not for the faint of heart. Not only do you have to be physically able to handle this, but you should also be mentally prepared for the challenge.

Upon receiving your assignment from the volunteering program you signed up for, your next course of actions should be hitting the books to study everything about where you are going. Get a comprehensive knowledge base on the country you are heading to, as well as getting a handle on the languages and dialects. This will be a considerable advantage if you can learn this before you leave.

Do not treat this as a relaxing vacation so that means packing light and carrying only the most basic essentials. Whenever possible, anything you need to bring should fit in one large and heavy duty backpack so you can travel around with ease. If you need any additional supplies, you can always buy them when you arrive at your assigned destination.

Undergoing a medical review before your departure is necessary because you need to be physically fit and healthy to survive the rigors of an unfamiliar environment. Getting vaccinated from certain diseases and being prescribed with medicines are just some of the things you should expect to receive during this part. Think of it as required protection for your personal health.

As a supplement to the previous statement, you must also be vigilant when it comes to helping the lives of others. Therefore, possessing the skills and knowledge on simple medical procedures will prove beneficial when the need to use them shall arise. Examples of the things you should practice include the application of first aid as well as knowing how to perform CPR.

As a foreigner in an unfamiliar land, you are prone to being a target for swindlers, so be on constant alert for such deviants. However, you should also put a little faith in humanity because not everyone is out to harm you. Be friendly and polite to the locals, and do not be afraid to engage with them because a large part of your volunteer job requires you to interact with them on a daily basis.

Finally, you should be prudent when it comes to finances so make sure your bank account is considerably ample before you leave. There is a possibility that you might need to spend more than your intended budget, so having access to backup funds is crucial. Do not bring loose cash with you, so use your international ATM or credit card as most businesses accept these forms of payment.

Volunteering in a foreign country can be enriching, and it might just change your perspective on how the world works in different cultures. Take these handy pieces of advice to heart, and you will surely achieve your altruistic goals. Be confident and always trust your instincts throughout your journey.

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