Thursday, May 19, 2016

Tips To Deal With Prescription Drug Abuse

By Anthony Myers

Use of hard or illegal substances is not the only way one is labeled a drug abuser. Prescription drug abuse New Jersey ranks alongside the hard substances and is affecting an increasing number of ordinary people. Some of these cases are out of ignorance and at the same time, with little awareness. As more people get into the bracket of abusers, there is need to arrest the situation before it gets out of hand.

It is considered an abuse anytime you take the legal drugs without instructions from a professional. Instances of self medication are on the rise where a person takes drugs based on symptoms without consulting a doctor. Beyond self medication from memory, others are turning to the internet. It is not even allowed to rely on previous prescriptions since situations change.

There are three main classes of drugs that are commonly abused or misused. Opioids ranks top because of their ability to treat pain. Depressants for the central nervous system are in the other category. They are used to deal with anxiety and sleep disorders. Stimulants also rank high among misused drugs. They treat sleep disorders and attention deficit, among other conditions.

There are other manifestations of misuse of prescription drugs. Taking a larger or smaller dose is considered offensive. You are also not allowed to take drugs for any other reason apart from what was prescribed. A doctor notices when you abusing drugs if you go for a refill more often than recommended. A pharmacist will raise an alarm if the medication form is altered. These professionals can take action immediately or advise you on the best course of action.

Medical experts insist that prescriptions must be followed at all times. This means that dosage should not be increased or reduced without instructions from your doctor. For whatever reason, never stop taking any medication on your own. Crushing or splitting drugs also counts as misuse. Inquire fully the effect the drugs will have on your daily activities like driving.

It is important to communicate clearly and openly with your doctor when taking drugs. Inform him whether you are taking over the counter drugs. In case you have a history of substance abuse, make it known to the doctor. Further, understand the effect such drugs will have when mixed with alcohol or such consumable substances. Never allow other people to use your medication for whatever reason.

Any form or extent of abuse has consequences. They include development of resistance and the risk of becoming an addict. These conditions are difficult and expensive to correct. Wrong dosage precipitates intoxication as the substances are not available in the body in the right quantities. You also risk developing allergies and health conditions depending on substance and extent of abuse.

Abusers can find remedy in treatment. It begins by recognizing that you are an abuser. Communicate with your doctor to begin correction of the situation. Since it takes time, personal commitment will be paramount in ensuring success. Beyond treatment medication, behavior therapy is recommended. It enables you to shed undesirable actions and motivations that lead you into abusing drugs. Consulting the appropriate medical professional every time you are unwell is the sure way to avoid abusing drugs.

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