Monday, May 30, 2016

Ways Of Persuading Your Partner On Couples Therapy Bethesda MD Has

By Kevin Taylor

During dating and courtship, people enjoy sweet love a lot. However, upon crossing the bridge of singlehood, something seems to change. The love starts to fade and communication becomes poor. At this point, conflicts jet into your marriage. Many couples thus opt to seek marriage counseling to solve their issues. You also need to visit couple therapy expert to knock out your marriage struggle. If your partner is hesitant about the decision, you also need to know how to convince him or her. In this case, while searching for the best couples therapy Bethesda MD has, you should do the following.

To help you convince your spouse about the therapy sessions, you need to be strategic. First, communicate the idea at the right time. This means when both of you are in the right moods. When you present it at the wrong time, your partner can reject it. Therefore, choose an appropriate time.

It is time to concentrate on your weakness and not blame the other person. This means you will highlight areas you would like to improve on. This includes suggesting how you want to better in communication. Focusing on your feeling helps attract the attention of your husband or wife.

When your partner has already understood what you need to improve, ask them to join you. This involves explaining how their participation will be important. At this point, explain your point and let the other person respond. This will tell you what to say next. If they seem hesitant, try to ask what they regard as a challenge in visiting the therapist. This will help you to understand their point and help them overcome the worries.

Explain the expectations in the whole process. This includes showing your partner how the therapist will take a neutral ground. It is unlike friends who may decide to take sides. This point will help your husband or wife to consider accompanying you to the marriage counselor.

Choosing a marriage counselor should not be done without consultation. When you have both agreed on the decision, ask your partner to suggest a therapist whom they know. It can also be an assignment where they can research online, get help from friends and finally settle on a certain expert. By allowing them to choose the expert, it will be clear you have no hidden motives. It is unlike suggesting the idea and saying you already have a counselor in mind.

As you leave your husband or wife to choose the expert, explain how brief marriage counseling sessions are. This is because some busy partners may decide to boycott the session when it is due because they fear it will take time. When the day approaches, it is also your duty to remind them. Ensure nothing will distract their schedule for that day. This depends on when the session is scheduled.

As the big day approaches, get prepared. Make your spouse remember about the engagement when it is a week away. The reminder should include asking the partner to name issues both of you should improve on together. This will help them open up on what they feel should be addressed by the therapist.

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