Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Basics About Foursquare Churches In Las Vegas

By Mary Ward

The name Foursquare Church is the common name used to refer to International Church of Foursquare Gospel. The longer version of the name is usually shortened to ICFG. ICFG is a protestant evangelical Pentecostal Christian denomination that was founded by Aimee Semple McPherson in 1923. As such, the church has a long history in the United States although its membership remains comparatively lower than other denominations of the same age. Foursquare churches in Las Vegas are some of the churches of the denomination with the largest congregations.

The name Foursquare derives from the four-fold ministry that Jesus Christ represented while on earth. The four ministries are Savior, baptizer, healer, and soon-returning King. Followers of the church believe that the main goals of Jesus coming to earth was to save people from their sins and to baptize them with the Holy Ghost. Jesus also came to heal people from their suffering and He will return following his ascension into heaven.

The Declaration of Faith refers to a compilation of text written by McPherson, the founder of this faith. The Declaration of Faith contains beliefs of the church. Members have faith in the Holy Trinity, verbal inspiration of scriptures of the Bible, and deity of Jesus. Human beings became sinful in nature after the fall, but they took after God in likeness.

Members of ICFG also believe that by the death of Jesus Christ, all the sins of the world were washed away. Thus, human beings received salvation by grace as opposed to the common belief of salvation by good works. Justification comes through faith while repentance leads to an individual being born again. Born again believers therefore accept Jesus to be their Lord and King.

The church also maintains belief in free will and that human beings are free to choose their own actions. This disposes them to backsliding, but through repentance, they can find their way back to light. According to the book of beliefs, sanctification is an unending process that should be done continuously to lead to spiritual growth. Holiness and perfection in Christianity can be attained if one surrenders and consecrates to God.

Decision making body within ICFG is the Foursquare Convention. The convention meets after every two years. Licensed ministers and international officers make membership of the convention. US-based churches send delegates to the convention to make the decision-making body. Non-US congregations are allowed to send a single delegate from every country.

Local churches form subordinate divisions of the International church. They are governed by bylaws enforced by the International church. ICFG churches fall into two broad categories, that is charter member and covenant member churches. A charter member church is not legally separate from the International church and its property is owned by the main church.

On the contrary, covenant churches are separate from the international church and they own property independently. This category includes pioneer churches and non-member churches. An upgrade may be done to a pioneer church so that it becomes a charter church.

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