Tuesday, June 7, 2016

How To Understand Your Past

By Evan Sanders

When you start to look back on your past with kind eyes, you begin to see why certain things happened the way that they did and that everything in fact worked out exactly how it should have.

You see grand transformations and the adventures of the past.

I had been freed up from everything that was holding me back and transformed into someone who was completely open and ready to take on an experience that not many get to take.

A real possibility.

And when you live in possibility, anything can happen. You can experience all that life has to offer instead of being afraid of what actually might happen to you.

This allows you to live in being different that everyone else. You can see things that other people cannot see and do things that are drastically different than what everyone else can be doing. More importantly, you don't have to feel guilty for doing it.

The true magic that is in ourselves is in what we are able to create in this world. Each of us is completely unique and has a variety of different talents that no one else has.

There's something to be said here about trust as well. I've been asking myself the question of what trust really means to me a lot lately and I've been discovering where my definitions really exist. It's hard to trust in something when you can't see it...but I think it makes it even more valuable when you can really trust in those same things you cannot see.

You start to trust in the cyclical nature of things. You being to trust in those gut feelings. You being to trust in the process. My life has been moving at about 100mph since the begging of this year and I know that the greatest changes are just about to happen...

But those changes were preceded by 5 years of getting ready for it all and I'm about to show up to the party.

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