Saturday, June 25, 2016

People Helping People Can Be A Problem

By Amanda Hamilton

There are many individuals within this world who will try their best to help other humans who are in dire need. Pat Smith was one human being who really believed in people helping people and this is why she took in a family who were homeless. For many years Pat had rented out houses to poor families that really had nowhere else to go.

She and her husband were quite wealthy and they made sure that the rent was very cheap for these places. One bright morning as this lucky lady was exiting a grocery store she came across a woman and her three children. They looked as if they had not had a good nights sleep or any food in days.

The wealthy woman was not a selfish person and decided to take Linda and her wayward family into her care for a period of time. Linda could not refuse this offer and she wanted to give her offspring the best possible life that they could ever want or have. Pat also learnt that Linda was a welfare client.

Pat realized that she could indeed do a good deed for the woman and obtain extra money from the federal government in the process. She would provide a nice home for Linda and her family while writing them into her yearly tax statement. Linda was very glad to have a new residence and she did not care about Pat's deception. Pat knew that she would finally be able to purchase a new car after receiving money from the government.

Pat's handsome husband Charles was also glad to welcome Linda into the family and he made frequent trips to her house during the night. He knew that his wife would go to bed really early and she would never find out about his nighttime activities. Linda liked to get the male fully intoxicated before they made love. He was truly at his best when he was drunk while calling her all types of nasty names.

Charles was indeed a Christian man who did not want to bring shame upon his family and therefore he made sure that Pat would never find out about his extra relationship. He knew that his wife would hire the best divorce lawyer around since she was a smart person with many degrees of her own.

This affair went on for some time until Pat discovered the woman's under garments under her very own bed. This outraged her and she was now determined to get rid of the poor woman and brats once and for all. Unfortunately her husband did not like this idea since he was having such a wonderful time with this unique female.

Pat finally decided to call the police in order to evict the female and her family from her once beautiful spare house. The police literally had to drag the woman off the property while all of the neighbors stared in amazement. Once the show was over Pat made up her mind never to be a good citizen again.

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