Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Single Most Important Reason To Let Go

By Evan Sanders

"Don't be afraid to let go. Every new adventure begins with the ending of another." - The Better Man Project

Why are we so scared to let go?

Honestly, it mostly revolves around the idea that we don't think we will find anything better.

We think that what we experienced in the past is the best possible thing that could have happened to us and that nothing else in the future will come along to replace it.

But when you really look at it, we live in a world full of "one thing ending and another thing replacing it." It's just our minds that keep us stuck always thinking about things that happened in the past. It's our minds that keep us out of living in the present moment.

This is absolutely true in relationships. Many times you have to walk away from someone and the pain feels unending. But the reality is that there was probably someone before that person who you had to heal from as well.

If we stay open, another person will come into your life and heal all of the pain that the previous person had created. They will care for you in ways that makes you feel at ease once again.

And it will happen again...

And again...

One day...someone will come into your life who will completely knock your socks off and love you in a way that you will never want to end. They will refuse to leave you because you mean that much to them and will do anything to keep you.

And how great of a day that will be.

So until that day, you have to keep to your faith and understand that life is a grand series of challenges and victories for those who really decide to live.

Life will always give you precisely what you need vs what you think you want.

These lessons can be difficult and they can harbor a lot of pain, but they are exactly what's necessary to help you grow and move forward with your life.

You will always learn and always grow if you stay open and willing to experience everything that life has to offer you.

That's a very good life. That's a very happy life.

Always trust your path.

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