Tuesday, June 21, 2016

There Are Many People Helping People

By Eric Barnes

Whenever a person is faced with a problem they will usually turn to another human being in order to talk things out. People helping people is quite common in most parts of the world and this is something that continues to go on strong. Every individual must try to cope with money, love and happiness as they go through life and sometimes these three things can be very complicated.

It is quite awkward when someone comes across a person who has given up the will to live and needs to separate themselves from society. A dedicated teacher who made her home in South Carolina wanted to do more for the world and therefore she started her own unique care service. This woman also knew that the humans making their homes in a retirement facility were easily forgotten by everyone. At least one day during the week she made an effort to take these individuals enjoyable reading material.

After being in her car for nearly sixty minutes this young woman would make her way inside of the huge facility which catered to the older generation. She very happily carried all of her books and other valuable things into the building and every person around was glad to see her.

A very kind old gentleman along with the lead nurse would take the time to escort her to the waiting area until the other residents showed up. Everything within the place was gorgeous since the residents had some of their arts and crafts work on display. When every person was settled in the entire group would have church during the first part of the visit.

Every person involved in this particular event had so much fun singing and praying with one another. The true spirit of the Lord was now within this place. The older human beings seemed more relaxed when they were able to tell all of their problems to this wonderful woman.

At times the older women would have to be helped by their care giver since this sermon made them very emotional. The woman doing all of this looked like an angel to all of the older humans since she had long flowing blonde hair which always seemed perfect. Her smile was also bright and pretty.

Each week after the church session was over the group looked forward to hearing about the tales which were kept within the many books on hand. Tonight they were going to listen to the story about "Moby Dick" and all of the chaos that he caused for one stern sea captain. They were also delighted to hear about the people who were within the pages of "A Tale of Two Cities."

Every person within the room seemed very relaxed as they listened to each of these stories which had such wonderful messages within them. At times the group would laugh out loud when something weird or funny happened during the story. When all was said and done the delightful woman gathered her things and took off into the night.

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