Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Many Visitors Love The Churches Westfield NJ Offers

By Joyce Murphy

Have you recently moved to town and in search of a new church? It is extremely important to get plugged into a church so that you are able to grow as a Christian. You will find some fantastic churches Westfield NJ residents can frequent.

Unfortunately a lot of folk have the wrong impression about churches and Christians. It is not a building for perfect, sin free Christians, but it is meant for people who are lost and far from God, and should be a safe place for those who are broken inside. The sad fact is that a lot of people don't go to a church due to judgmental Christians. Jesus never hung out with good, up standing citizens, but with sinners.

Jesus spent his time with people who were not Jews, and prostitutes as well as tax collectors. The religious people did not approve of his friendships with these types of people. Jesus wanted a church to be a place where you gather, get equipped and go make fishers of men. Church should never be an institute where all you do is keep your seat warm.

It is vital that you, as a members should try get involved at your church. This helps you grow spiritually and it's the best method to meet new people. There are a few things you will have to think about when looking for your new church.

When you first walk inside the doors, you should feel welcomed and at home. Then you should look at their praise and worship. Do you find the music boring or outdated? Or would you say it is exactly what you prefer? Then is the pastor interesting or boring, and are you actually getting anything from the sermon?

If you have children you will want to go and see what their Sunday School Service is like. Are the children receiving proper lessons or are they left to just play around? Another important thing to look for is how is the security at the Sunday school? Can a child slip out unnoticed very easily, or can a child be taken by someone that is not their parent?

Churches need to be very active in their area and neighborhood. You shouldn't have a church that only focuses on preaching to their members. Church should get their members involved ministries in the community, and go out in the world to spread the word. They should try full the needs in their community and surrounding cities. If food parcels need to be delivered to areas for the poorer communities the church and members should try be involved.

There are so many areas that a church could help to impacted the community. However, it is not the responsibility of a church to get involved but it can start with you. As a Christian you could see a need and begin to fill that need. Sometimes churches have already allocated their resources to the various ministries their church is involved with. This doesn't mean that a normal Christian couldn't start something up to help the people in their community. If you are looking for a new church, you will find some fantastic churches in Westfield NJ.

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