Saturday, July 2, 2016

There Are People Helping People Everywhere

By James Bell

In today's society many human beings will always find a way to assist their fellow man in a time of crisis. People helping people has always been something that has been installed into everyone's mind. The great man upstairs really appreciates it when he views all of his creatures going out of their way to be good Samaritans. Unfortunately there are quite a few humans who do not have the skills to make it on their own.

A very kind woman named Connie made sure that her family members had always been well taken care of since she was a caring person. At times she felt that all of the people living within New Haven were an extended part of her family and this was really a good thing. Bob was her husband of fifty years and he loved her very much.

It was quite unfortunate that some of the human beings within her family unit did not have the same abilities as the stray cats coming into the yard. Connie knew that she had a child who could never find peace within her lifetime since she often lived with other mental patients.

Fortunately Victoria was the type of woman that no man could truly resist. She had many lovers during her lifetime and was very proud to tell her parents all about this behavior. Like many women living in America Victoria found herself married to a male that she did not truly love and therefore she looked for sex partners at night.

Every time she went to one of these places the poor girl would find herself going home with a very horny male. Luckily her husband did not catch her with any of these horrible creatures since he had a powerful temper. This behavior went on for some time and eventually the couple were divorced.

Victoria could not accept this type of rejection and she wanted to be with her husband even more than ever after the divorce. He on the other hand had simply moved on and did not want any of his family members associating with this woman. Victoria still wanted to be friends with her former mother-in law and this was a strange situation. The law enforcement officials working in this area had to place Victoria under arrest.

While staying within a holding cell Victoria decided to make matters even worse by going into a fit of rage. She made sure that the officers had to change her dirty clothes after she defecated in them. They were totally disgusted and called a mental hospital to the scene. The humans working for this establishment were more than happy to come and take Victoria away for a short time.

The staff also gave Connie a telephone call in the middle of the night when they were having a hard time controlling Victoria. Fortunately Connie was able to sign her dear sweet child out of this useful facility which does a good job taking care of the insane human beings.

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