Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Women Empowerment Uganda Females Require

By Stephanie Smith

Being a woman is perhaps harder than being a man. It seems ironic since women are considered the weaker sex. But when you think about what they have to go through all their lives, you start to realize that perhaps, society has got it all wrong, it is females who are the stronger sex. Even if it is not physically, but emotionally and mentally. Although females have lived in oppression for centuries, there are various organizations rising up in to aid the women empowerment Uganda females stand for.

It is predominantly women from these developing countries that go through this. The people in these places lack education. It is even harder to be a woman and still be educated at the same time, It is not placed as priority and females are taught hat their main purpose in life is to get married and serve their husbands. Men have used this misconception and actually abused it.

Abuse is rife in many forms. In most places it is physical abuse. However, females also go through mental and emotional abuse, where they are humiliated and degraded. In these developing countries, females as young as twelve years old are married off, irrespective of whether it is legal or not. These children are robbed of their education and even worse, their childhood.

This happens all over the world. Most people think it is only in third world countries, however, it happens even in prominent first world countries. The only difference is that it is much more subtle in these countries. It is kept under wraps and females do not speak out against it, however since they have more liberties, they tend to act out in other ways.

This has been going on for centuries. Women have always been treated as the lesser sex and the less important sex. Yet the are tasked with bearing children. They are trusted to bring both male and females into this world, yet they are not given credit for everything else they do, such as raising them, taking care of the home and seeing to all the duties that hey have.

The most astounding thing about females is that irrespective of how badly they are treated and how much abuse they go through, be it emotional, mental or physical abuse, they still rise above their circumstances. No matter how many times they get knocked down, they still rise up, dust themselves off and keep moving. One of the most amazing things is that their children are the motivation behind their resiliency.

Females do have a lot more tolerance than men do. They go through a lot and still have the job of carrying and giving birth to children. There are organizations and empowerment groups rising up all over the world to stop abuse against females and empower them to live a better quality of life.

If you know of females who are going through similar situations you should speak out and notify the proper organizations so they van step in and be of assistance to these females. You never really know if some of these situations are actually life or death matters, until you speak out and get help.

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