Monday, November 7, 2016

3 Keys To Finding A Christian Executive Coach

By Bertulda Zerna

If you own a business or are a corporate officer of one, you have to decide how you want to present yourself to your employees. The way you treat staff and how you handle the workplace environment is very important. If you decide to employ a Christian executive coach to work with you, you will probably have questions about the cost, the credibility, and the outcome of that person's guidance.

No one knows better than you what things you value most. Before you employ a counselor to help you lead, you should take some time to evaluate the goals you want to achieve. The job of a coach is to lead you in the direction of success and aid you in strengthening your weak areas. It is not a function of this individual to impose his or her beliefs on you.

Secondly, the right coach for you will want to know with clarity what your goals are. They will not try to push their goals on you; rather, a good coach will live within the boundaries of your goals. In the first meeting, they should be asking more questions than spending time telling you how they can help you or what you should do. You should walk away from a first meeting believing they understand what you are about and what you are trying to accomplish.

These are probably not goals that will be achieved overnight. You should expect it to take time and work over the course of several months before you start to see positive results. The cost associated with the program is something you will have to commit to in the beginning if you expect a successful outcome.

In some ways you might think of it as a kind of marriage. Once you make the commitment, you should plan to stick with it for the long haul.

Be committed to the right coach for you, set clear goals and expectations and stick with it long enough to see real results.

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