Saturday, November 26, 2016

All You Need To Know In Combating Depression

By Sandra Ward

Depression doesn't mean the end of everything. You can help yourself and those who have it. If you found the signs, one way or another it affects your life. Now is the time to act to save your life and marriage. Combating depression is important before it gets any worse.

The first step is to recognize the signs of depression when it happens. There is no one definitive definition. It has been variously described as a sort of feeling where people are sad or feel empty and apathetic towards everything in their life.

All of us have goals. Some are very large and some are rather small. Dealing with depression makes reaching any goals difficult and that can be depressing in itself. Try making your goals smaller and more readily achievable. Even activities as simple as washing the dishes or cleaning the apartment count. Write these small goals down on paper and then check them off as they are done. You may be surprised at how good even these smaller victories feel.

When you are depressed it seems like some people you know don't want to be around you while others share your pain. Think about that and I'll bet that those who are making themselves scarce are generally happy and positive and those who love to share your misery are just as unhappy as you are. There is a lesson to be had here; depression hates happiness. As best you can, be around only positive, happy people and keep the negative folks far away. When depression doesn't have company it withers and dies.

Breathing exercises are extremely important, since more oxygen to the brain helps with many other parts of the body. This will remove toxins, improve performance and help with relaxation. When doing breathing exercises, it is best to use the abdominal and diaphragmatic. This will increase the strength of the diagram, lower respiration, uses less energy to breath and reduces the demand for oxygen.

If your depression is severe and debilitating, a social function you should consider is a support group. Sometimes run by a therapist and other times part of a community outreach program, these groups do wonders in supporting each other when the need is most critical. Not sure if your location has anything like this? A simple online search will let you know what is available in your area. And even if there isn't anything local, there are online groups you can join as well.

Despair makes most of us want to hide from the world and that is not a good thing. It is a lot harder to remain depressed when in the company of others than it is when you are along and brooding. When it attacks, fight back by attending social functions. You probably won't feel like it but by attending your situation will not be as paralyzing.

Finally, it is never a bad idea to make your doctor a partner in your plan for healthy and happy living. A medical expert can make suggestions on other areas of your life such as diet and exercise that will also have great impact on your emotional state.

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