Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Discover The Value Of A Christian Executive Coach

By Lyndon Zerna

Leadership is lonely. You are responsible for vision, direction and execution. No one will wake you up in the morning. No will tell you where to be. No one will give you a deadline. No one will bail you out in a pinch. It is all you. Christian Executive Coaches can help you navigate rough waters and accomplish your goals.

Running an organization is bound to come with challenges. There are ethical dilemmas that you're going to face on a regular basis. Leaders are trapped between their responsibility to others and the possibility of failing. You have to keep pressing on, take plenty of risks and overcome the obstacles that lie in your way, but, you may not always be able to see you path. This path may even be filled with complex questions that lack a "right" answer.

God understands this struggle in our lives. So much so that He instructed us to surround ourselves with wise counsel, for Christian executives, that could be a Christian Executive Coach. The problem is that leaders tend to be pretty good at self-sufficiency. They generally see a road to their desired outcomes and can mobilize the determination and resources to get to it. As a result, the often do not seek out coaching. However, none of us can see our own blind spots effectively.

In a sense, the right Christian executive coach can serve as a mirror for those in leadership positions. Rather than taking over individual visions and directions, these professionals guide leaders in their decision-making process in order to ensure that decisions are in line with both leadership goals and individual values.

Your coach can also make sure that you aren't settling by making easy choices for simple goals instead of tough choices for more ambitious ones, but rather, that you're constantly striving for more impressive outcomes.

There are a variety of Christian Executive Coaches available. They can meet with you online, over the phone or in person. The key is that you find one that understands your vision, values and goals and one who you respect enough to keep you driving towards them.

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