Friday, November 4, 2016

Healing And Prayer In Difficult Times Of Your Life

By Carolyn Reynolds

Good and bad times come in your life every now and then, its like they switch places with each other. At times you would feel extremely happy and after sometime there would be days loaded with distress and trouble. Its about how you manage the circumstances and make the utilization of healing and prayer in difficult times.

Some days are so sad that you don't feel like doing anything at all. Everything surrounding you seems to be depressing and you no longer want to live the life you are living. No matter how difficult the situation is, you should keep in mind that God is always there for you to help you and accept your prayers and provides you with comfort.

Its easy to remember God during happy days when you're sorrow free but when you are dealing with difficult times, you tend to find it hard to ask for help from God as you kind of loose hope. But, if your faith is strong enough, you will not hesitate at all because you would know there is something good for you once this bad time of your life ends.

Its hard to deal with difficult situations and everyone prays or wishes that it ends soon and they are able to live a carefree life again. The key is to realize that happy and sad days are a part of your life, you can't run away from difficulties that surround you and have to face them with open eyes.

Every individual reacts differently to a certain situation that he or she is facing. Some individuals have enough strength to stay calm and relaxed while others simply can't do it and they stress out and panic because of the situation surrounding them.

The individuals who have confidence and solidly put stock in their maker never get sad. They have this trust things would show signs of improvement sometime and they should simply to remain quiet and stay there with persistence. Its difficult to walk that walk yet in the event that you do as such, then you would lead yourself to the brighter side of life.

A few people begin grumbling about their life, they start addressing themselves if God truly exists in light of the fact that on the off chance that he did then why might he put such a great amount of weight on them. Why might he need individuals to lead a troublesome life. The thing that these individuals don't comprehend is that, its a way God tests your resolve and quality that how honest you are towards your confidence.

God can never forget his children under any circumstances, he stays with them through the most difficult times of their lives. Its all about you that how you reach out to him and ask for his forgiveness and help. He will never let you be on your own, its all about you being selfish enough to think that you are all alone and no one is there who you can ask help from. You tend to forget that, God is always there besides you all you have to do is to reach out to him.

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