Friday, November 11, 2016

Top 3 Lessons From A Christian Executive Coach

By Bertulda Zerna

A Christian Executive Coach has the major advantage of being able to work with many different clients. This allows them to generate collective working by working with different business models and leaders in different niches. During my time as a Christian Executive Coach, I have learned the three following things.

First, most leaders are incredibly lonely in their roles. Each of the leaders that I've worked with have spoken about how hard being on top of the proverbial food chain is. The discuss both internal and external pressures. Everyone around them is in need of something.

Employees never understand the burden and care leaders carry for those they lead. As such, leaders are always managing that balance of not feeling understood while doing everything they can meet the needs of everyone they care about.

Second, leaders often question whether or not they are competent. They have to appear self-confident and must exude both discernment and direction at all times. They constantly wonder whether their efforts are going to fail or succeed. A lot of the people that I have worked with in the past wonder if the masks they wear are transparent.

Last, visionaries and leaders are never able to find an end. The executives that I coach are constantly setting and pursuing new goals as soon as they have accomplished their old ones. Leaders never have the chance to feel true contentment. Another iteration lies ahead and their are always new milestones and new accomplishments to make. Leaders are guaranteed to lead, this is simply what they know how to do.

A big benefit of using a Christian Executive Coach is that they can help you find the right path to your goal while keeping you well grounded in the fact that you really are not alone. Others strive through the same challenges you face, just in different forums. This assurance can give you the confidence to keep pushing on to your next objective.

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